Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our First Apartment

I always said I would post about our first apartment when I felt it was cute enough, and here I am posting about it after we've moved out. It took about 6 months for me to feel settled (putting pictures on the wall, curtains etc.) and we lived there for exactly 6 months. I was so excited to move out of the place considering the sketchy mold growing, 50 year old oven/stove, broken living room window, and brown carpet that was once biege, yet it was a bittersweet move out. This was the apartment that Brig and I spent our first 6 months of marriage together. We had some really fun and growing times, and it was sad to see it go. I'm sure we'll live in many more apartments, but I will never forget our first.

We took some pictures of our apartment to post on ksl; sadly these are our only pictures of the place.
Our lovely living room
See the cutesy pictures on the wall?
Our kitchen where I (ok maybe Brig) did all the cooking
The kitchen table
I did love all the counter space, even if there was a 1/2 inch layer of dust on top of the cupboards.
His and hers closets, best feature of the apartment.

Our very colorful bedroom...

The squeaky tub

Despite all of it's faults, we loved this apartment and I was sad to say goodbye.