Monday, June 11, 2012


My mom bought these chairs at an antique store in Cedar City for only 12 bucks each last year, and I've finally gotten around to re-doing them! (I should 've taked pictures of them before my dad took the old seats off... they were a really ugly green and orange velvet pattern...)

I couldn't decided what color to paint them... finally landed on a pale yellow.

 The finished product! I got the fabric on clearance for $5 for a yard and a half at JoAnn's.

 Before and after...

I love how they turned out. Many thanks to my mom for helping me paint them, and to my dad for helping me with the re-upholstering! Now on to my next project...


  1. Yes! Finally, a post. I love how they turned out. Now you need to come help me paint a dresser