Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunburst Mirror

Don't ask me why I've been so crafty lately. Since we moved into our new apartment in February, I've been trying to decorate on a very tight budget. It seems to be taking forever, but we're slowly getting there.

I saw this sunburst mirror diy project on pinterest, I loved it, and it seemed doable enough for me. All it took was some wooden skewers, cardboard, glue, spray paint, a mirror, and some time. 

I probably should've taken some pictures during the process... but I didn't.

Anyway, I figured this was a pretty good deal. Instead of spending between $150-$300 on a mirror, I could make two for under $15. Sweet!


  1. Nice work...looks professional from this side of the world.

  2. Im obsessed, it really does look good....I may have to copy you.